Cloud Solutions

Technology has come a long way – now, instead of having a ‘server room’ located in your office and worrying about technology surges, power outages and hardware that depreciates over time, we can take your business all virtual with our various hosted solutions and cloud computing.  Having your business run through the cloud helps maximize effectiveness of a variety of shared resources. You will have access to your information and applications no matter what computer, smartphone or iPad you have available.  No more ‘having to come to the office’ to work on that spreadsheet that’s due Monday when now you can access your information anytime, anywhere.

  • Our hosted solutions offer the most up-to-date applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lync, Spam Filters, offsite backup and antivirus.
  • With our cloud computing services, we can set up hosted servers (Windows or non-Windows), Customized Exchange Servers, SQL Servers and remote application servers.

With Unetek, you get multiple solutions to fit your business needs. We can scale as large or as small as your company demands.