Virtual Services

Unetek was founded on the principle of customer satisfaction being the key to success and embrace honesty, integrity and performance with our solutions.    We strive to make your IT decision and needs to be the best fit for your company. 

Unetek is an expert in migrating your current servers to Virtualized Servers.  These servers can reside onsite and reduce your hardware costs, or we can host them for better remote options.

Virtualizing your servers gives you:

  • More Time and Money – It is generally less expensive to migrate to a virtual server.  Your backup/restore times are faster. 
  • Run Legacy apps – While we would love to have your Server Operating system be the most up to date, we understand there are legacy applications that are not supported on today’s servers.  We can migrate your servers and remove the fear of hardware failure or total data loss.
  • Speed up your current server – If your server is older hardware we can migrate to a virtual environment to take advantage of faster processors, RAM, Hard Drives, and other newer technologies without having to reload your entire server.
  • Save money on labor costs – It can take days to migrate your data and software off your old server to a new server.  With Virtual Server it can literally take hours to migrate your entire server onto new hardware saving you thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Unetek is experienced with virtual servers and you can trust Unetek to keep your office hardware up to date.