NEC Phone Systems: VoIP, Traditional and Cloud Business Phone Systems

It's no secret that business communication has changed dramatically. Along with change come choices and questions and that's where we come in. Our NEC phone system options, voip or traditional, can be expanded into feature-rich solutions. Now it's easy to get business calls on your mobile phone, receive voice mail messages in email, and check coworker real time!

NEC Business Phone Systems Houston

Unetek offers Traditional NEC business phone systems (system located at your office), VoIP NEC business phone systems (uses ethernet for voice) and Cloud-Hosted NEC business phone systems. This means you can keep your hardware and servers close to home, at a secure offsite location, or even bypass the need for any hardware at all, with voice and UC as a monthly service. It all depends on which works best for you and your company - and that's not always as clear cut as it may seem. Click the button below to access a custom resource to help you decide which phone system best suits your needs:

Which is BEST for YOU?

Our company has been delivering professional business communications solutions for a long time. Our mission is simple. We help our customers make smarter technology decisions based on what's best for them. From the basic to the complex, our solutions follow industry standards while offering the highest reliability and enabling unmatched freedom, flexibility and economy.

Additional Expertise in Specialized and Advanced Technologies

Unetek has extensive experience in the design and implementation of multi-media NEC Contact Centers. This allows for the distribution of calls among available agents and more importantly track, measure and report on all customer interactions, whether by voice, chat, text, email, fax, or video. Voice recording and PC screen capture can be added for an even more complete picture. Linking together multiple locations? We do that, too.

Unetek also provides Mass Notification and Appointment Reminder systems.