Hosted Solutions

Your business runs on older technology married with new technology. Proven software like Exchange, SharePoint, Antivirus, SQL, QuickBooks, CRM, fax machines and more keep your business in touch with your employees and your customers. Unetek knows how to take your current technology and move it to the future.

Our hosting services are managed and secured 24/7 each and every day. Unetek goes a step further to manage patches, backups, attacks and other real world issues that can affect your online presence.

  • Security management – Let Unetek watch your security risks including antivirus, firewalls, Internet traffic and access to your files.
  • Hosted Exchange – by stopping Spam, Virus and other non-work related communication to your company, everyone has the opportunity to excel at his/her job.
  • Cloud Computing – High availability Server services that guarantee access to your most important, critical applications.

Our hosted services are industry leading technologies that harness the power of the Internet. Take advantage of your IT investment and move forward with your modernized business solutions catered to your business needs.