Network Support

So many companies live with IT issues and sink when they become real problems. We prove there is a solution for all size companies today. The future is now.

Unetek’s IT outlook involves

  1. Long term company relations based on trust and integrity
  2. Proven technologies along with upcoming technology to make a sensible solution
  3. One single entity you can count on. Rely on Unetek to handle every aspect of your IT needs. To many times we see multiple points of failure, with each part of a company’s resource backpedaling to look important without improving the current struggles.

Unetek believes in bringing proven technology and upcoming technology together for the best IT environment. Unetek serves the Houston, San Antonio and Austin areas to bring an affordable continuous IT solution.

Unetek offers IT solutions for complete coverage, assisted IT with your current IT staff, Hosted Solutions, Remote Support, and general IT consultation. Expect expert advice for your company no matter how much or little we are involved in your IT decisions.