Email/Spam Protection with Cloud Management

Virus and security holes have been around since the beginning of computers.  Unetek offers solutions to combat downtime due to virus activity, security holes or even browsing habits by your employees.  The biggest threat to your network is not protecting the sites your employees are visiting and not having monitored antivirus installed on every System.

Unetek supports and implements:

  •  Spam/Virus filtering for email – Unetek scans both incoming and outgoing email from your mail server.  We delete only known bad email and we quarantine all other emails for your review.  We have a log of every email that goes through the system so we can also help troubleshoot email deliver issues.  We can provide onsite and offsite filtering depending on your IT needs.
  • Managed Antivirus – It is not enough to set and forget your Antivirus software.  Often there is a program patch, update or some other issue that stops your software from working correctly.  Unetek manages this service, notifies you of potential bad habits and infections as they come through the system.  We also monitor each computer to ensure the software is running, up to date and scanning the computers correctly.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) – If your employees are watching YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other social media networks they are not focused at the task at hand.  Unetek has solutions to monitor or block bad habits while forming reports for you to check your Internet usage. 
  • Total Secure Software – Some companies have highly sensitive data.  Let Unetek manage your software to see what files are opened, printed, moved or transferred without permission.  Included are all Keystrokes, emails, Instant Messaging, FTP and many other ways for data to leak out of your company.

Keep your data secure, your computers clean and your business focused.  Contact Unetek to find out how we can help keep your business on track.