DNS Layer Security takes Threat Protection to a Whole New Level

What are DNS and DNS Layered Security?

The Foundation of the Internet

Domain Name System (DNS) is the bedrock of the internet. Essentially it's the service that catalogs domain names (like Unetek.com) and translates them to their associated IP address. This enables and facilitates browser access. But it also offers potential security issues. Most if not all of the well-publicized recent attacks used DNS to deploy their malware.

ULock360 DNSLS offers protection against such attacks by filtering all requests for DNS through a customizable filter that leverages Google SafeSearch and its strict standards as its foundation.  By controlling access to malicious, unknown, or not-suitable-for-the-office (adult, gambling, social media) sites you will not only block potential malware but will also keep your business focused on what's most important.

ULock360 DNSLS can be installed on all of your networks including wi-fi, cell phones, and company laptops so that malware is not brought in from outside the office. 

DNSLS Explanation3
DNS Layer Protection can be managed on any device

Comprehensive yet Simple

Easy to Install and Manage

ULock 360 DNSLS takes only a few minutes to configure on your network equipment and costs are minimal. After initial configuration, all adjustments are made through our online dashboard. You have complete control of all policies, devices, and users in your account.

We offer roaming clients on all major platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. You can easily assign policies that are unique to devices or device groups to ensure that malicious sites are blocked even while outside of your office. In fact, DNSLS blocked an attack on iPhones months before Apple ever knew there was an issue.

Real-Time A.I. Categorization

Classify Domains Immediately

More than 126,000 domains are registered each day, making it impossible for human-controlled block lists to keep up with classifying websites and identifying potential malware or phishing attempts. This creates a major vulnerability in most filtering/security solutions.

ULock360 DNSLS has an artificial intelligence engine, which classifies domains in real-time. When your users visit a domain, our scanner fetches it and classifies it immediately. The classification is then matched against your policy to determine if the user can access it.

Our scanner also utilizes image-based analysis, which is able to defeat phishing attempts, such as those which mimic Google, Microsoft and Dropbox logins.

Unetek Cybersecurity protection via DNS
DNS Networks protected in secure datacenters

High-Performance Anycast Network

Always Available Safe Browsing

Global Network
Our servers are spread across 35 cities around the globe. No matter where your offices are, your employees will always reach the nearest server to their location. This is true even if they are roaming internationally. When your employees step off the plane, they’ll get the same performance as back home.
Fully Redundant
Our entire network topology is fully redundant between DNS1 and DNS2. In the extremely unlikely event that an entire network experienced routing problems - we have another one! Your equipment will experience no loss in service as our network adjusts within five seconds.


Top Tier Datacenters
 Multiple high-quality data centers are home to our servers. We use separate providers so that if any single provider experiences issues, our customers remain unaffected. We closely monitor server activity and performance, consistently scaling data center presence as our traffic grows.


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