A Flexible, Accurate, Low Maintenance Vulnerability & Risk Assessment Tool

Complete Visibility

Eliminate Blind Spots

Real-time visibility across diverse networks. IT networks with computers or servers. OT (operational technology) networks with mechanical or industrial systems. Even remote working environments. Quickly classify both known and unknown assets and take control of infected or suspicious devices.

  • View down to the server or device level
  • Identify and manage your devices 
  • Converged IT and OT security
  • Run HIPAA and PCI compliance scans
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Accurate Detection

Virtually Zero False Positives

Accurately detect common vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and irregular activity in your networks and web applications with .001 false positives. Get real-time threat alerts based on current benchmarks and analysis of over 100,000 vulnerabilities and intel from our proprietary security portal.

  • Full-time or ad-hoc scanning
  • Configuration assessment
  • Patch detection
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Unified network and web app scanning
  • Mobile security testing
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Efficient Remediation

Quickly Identify Compromised Assets

Prioritize remediation efforts with contextualized reports pointing out the most critical risks affecting your organization. Continuously monitor your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass and mitigate threats from rogue devices, unmanaged endpoints, and high-risk vulnerabilities.

  • Prioritized threat intelligence
  • Real-time threat alerts are available
  • Customized, actionable reports
  • Live, customizable dashboards
  • Baseline reporting and scorecarding
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Simple Installation and Maintenance

Low Cost of Operation

A turnkey solution designed with the functions most frequently used at easy reach. Drill-down user interface architecture facilitates getting to features and reports. The system is automated so you spend less time scanning for issues freeing you up to spend time eliminating real network vulnerabilities.

The testing accuracy and ease-of-use is matched with an easy to understand, common sense licensing plan to produce the lowest scanning cost per IP in the Vulnerability Assessment marketplace. Licenses are based only on active IPs. This allows for fewer scans and less cost. You are scanning more of your network for less.

Ready-to-use modules and API integrations are available to talk with ticketing systems and many other security tools.

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