Awareness is the First Step to Protection

Awareness Training

Content is King

Training doesn't have to be a bland, forced exercise. It can be engaging and interactive, even entertaining.
  • High-quality, binge-worthy mini-series depicting (and teaching) about Cybersecurity
  • Entertaining incentivized games to track scores against co-workers
  • Create an effective "Human Firewall"
  • Visible training results with a phish-prone percentage graphed over time
  • Automated emails and messages to "nudge" users
workplace room with computers
Image of businessman touching virus alert icon

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Who will take the Bait?

Baseline Testing to assess how phish-prone your organization is.

  • Fully automated simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates, and themes.
  • A Virtual Risk Officer (VRO) feature provides insight and actionable metrics so you can understand your organization's risk factors and how to mitigate them
  • Benchmarking so you can see how you stack up
  • Customizable campaign lengths and formats including close to exact replicas of commonly browsed web pages.

Reporting and Metrics

Just how Phish-prone is your Organization?

Actionable metrics and insight into the effectiveness of your training program

  • Over 60 different styles of reports
  • Smart Groups feature uses employees behavior to tailor campaigns
  • Use APIs to integrate with other business systems
  • Training reports list who has started or not started, completed or not
  • Specify user needs to "Read and Attest" security policy for compliance
  • Individual "report cards" with "open and click" history
  • Reports on browser/device used and vulnerable browser plug-ins
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