Here today, Here tomorrow?

Posted by Troy Stanton on Jul 2, 2018 10:49:29 AM
Troy Stanton

Why are we surprised when a favorite product or technology reaches its "End-of-Life" or is "Discontinued"?  We should know by now that all good things come to an end. Where technology is concerned, that end seems to come even quicker.  But we move on and sacrifice our present-day certainty and comfort for future efficiencies and improvements.

collection of various vintage audio tapes on white background. each one is shot separately-1Remember these?  Here today. Gone tomorrow.






Many of our clients are currently facing this same challenge, as the phone system they have known and trusted for many years has reached its "End-of-Life". The NEC SV8100 started shipping in 2007 and has been a hugely popular SMB voice platform, right up until the release of the NEC SV9100 in 2015.  Last year NEC announced that the older SV8100 would reach end-of-life/end-of-support this year (December 31, 2018) so our clients are faced with the uncertainty of life without support, parts and software updates.

But in this case, all is not lost!


Our clients are fortunate that the manufacturer NEC, unlike the majority of others, values the customer's investment and always provides a path forward. In this case, the path forward is a migration. It's so simple that it only requires a swap out of the processor and some basic programming. NEC MigrationThe whole process can take less than an hour, involves very little downtime and is substantially less expensive than the alternative of complete replacement. The results? The platform is once again current and eligible for support, updates and new features. So what does this mean?


It means that you:


  1. Extend the life of the phone system you purchased 7 to 10 years ago, keeping existing phones and equipment
  2. Become current again in technical support coverage
  3. Incur far less expense compared to a system replacement
  4. Get an upgraded system with up-to-date features and applications


What are some of these new features and applications?



If none of these reasons ring true. Here are Ten Reasons to Migrate your SV8000


This is nothing new for NEC customers.  Twenty years ago, our clients were faced with a similar scenario, when the current NEC IPK II was being phased out for the more robust and powerful NEC SV8100. The migration at that time involved a new cable connecting the old chassis to a new chassis and processor and some programming. It was a bit more complicated but still got the job done and for substantially less than a system replacement. The clients that took advantage of the migration were very happy and are now able to migrate to the next platform. Those that missed their chance ended up with no option other than to replace their old system and phones.  Don't miss yours!












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