Harvey flood waters damage Houston businesses

Posted by Troy Stanton on Sep 5, 2017 12:04:14 PM
Troy Stanton

Every Houstonian has been affected in some way by the flood waters that Hurricane Harvey delivered last weekend. If you were not directly affected by the flooding I am sure that you know someone who was. While many Houstonians are wHurricane Harvey Flood Damaged Business Systemsorking to restore their homes and neighborhoods we have been fielding calls from clients seeking help to restore their businesses. The torrential rains and rising water have left numerous businesses without power or with damaged equipment. Businesses must be able to receive and place calls in order to operate and assist others so our focus has been restoring service to these businesses as quickly as possible.


This is not a time to capitalize on the misfortune of our neighbors. This is a time to help fellow Houstonians quickly restore business communications and operations. At Nuvos IP, we have offered to visit any business, assess damage and offer recommendations at no charge. We have also pledged to donate 20% of any profits to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. We believe in Houstonians helping Houstonians and are ready to assist any business that has lost any part of their business technology systems.


These are the common issues we have been helping our clients address and overcome:


  • Damaged cabling
  • Damaged business phone systems due to water
  • Damaged equipment due to power surges
  • Phone or Internet service interruptions or outages
  • Power issues including battery back-ups
  • Lack of access due to flooding
  • Stranded employees needing to work from home
  • Insurance claims and Proof of Loss


If your business is suffering from any of these issues or if you need advice on your next steps toward restoring service click here to get immediate assistance.


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