When is the right time to change Internet Service Providers?

Posted by Troy Stanton on Nov 14, 2017 1:08:43 PM
Troy Stanton

If wHouston Business Phone System provider provides value to customerse could look into the future there is no question that thdecisions we make today would yield better results. Unfortunately there is no crystal ball or time machine with regards to our voice and data service plans. Tip #3 of The 30 Tips to Saving Money using Business Technology will focus on the promotions and pricing plans offered by our local and national Internet and Voice Service Providers.


When was the last time you looked at your monthly bill to confirm that the services and pricing were still optimal to your business?  Did you know that approximately 40% of existing contracts can be "refreshed" to take advantage of current pricing and promotions? Yes, you may also have to re-term (add more years to) that contract but if you are happy with the provider, it might make good financial sense to go ahead and re-term.


Every carrier has a different ideology when it comes to promotions. For example, did you know that Comcast Business typically announces new promotions on the 22nd of each month? This is a valuable piece of information for Comcast customers or any business looking at different carrier options. Logix Communications operates differently. They do not subscribe to the theory of offering 10-12 promotions per year but would rather discuss each opportunity on a case-by-case basis with the goal of matching and beating the competition. AT&T is much more heavily regulated by the FCC so their offers are more reactionary and not nearly as frequent as the less-regulated carriers.


We are able to offer this valuable insight into how a carrier operates because we work closely with them through our clients. We understand the value of "speaking the language" and are able to intervene and even negotiate on behalf of our clients to make sure they are getting the right services at the right price. We have the expertise and experience to listen to your needs and make solid and profitable recommendations when it comes to choosing a carrier. Click our Free Consultation button to use our resources with no financial obligation whatsoever.

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